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Do The Right Thing

"Doing the right thing daily, compounds over time."
- John C. Maxwell

Mumford fits the sustainability culture of your facility and offers companies like yours guidance and support in how to best manage your recyclable plastic scrap or film.

We support and understand your business objectives as well as your environmental responsibilities working collaboratively to help you do the right thing the right way. Mumford recognizes potential areas for materials recovery and/or improvements that can be made within your current recycling program and helps with the implementation to your processes and procedures.

What We Offer

Our team believes that developing a strong vendor relationship with your team is key and as a reliable vendor we are an amazing asset—providing you peace of mind, enabling you to focus on your core responsibilities, and helping maximize your budget. We can help your meet your goals through:

To sum it up, we are here to make you sustainable, efficient, responsible and reputable.


Mumford Industries has an established system to take back your companies quality defective plastic parts and scrap to be processed for reuse into the same or similar products within the your manufacturing operation.

This type of Post-Industrial Plastics Recycling program will support your manufacturing supply chain and create a closed loop for your waste. Applying the values of a circular economy through reprocessing or "toll grinding" will allow you to optimize the use and reuse of your own scrap materials back into your process.

Mumford Industries can help your company transition from a linear waste system to one that recycles, reuses and remanufactures to keep your materials at their highest value use for as long as possible, and ultimately reduce the amount of waste that is going into the landfill or incinerator.


Recycling and reuse are the most ecological and economical way of handling your waste streams, however there are often parts or scrap that reach the end of the production line that for multiple reasons do not fit into your recycling program and those need to be handled in a secure manner as well.

Product destruction is warranted whenever there is a risk of harm to your brand if those products were to find their way into the "grey market" where consumers could associate these scrapped products with your company... damaging your reputation.

Mumford shredding for destruction protects you from liability and proprietary information loss and provides you with transparent data, certificate of destruction and peace of mind.

Partnership Objective

Mumford's objective is to create a partnership where we provide companies with professional and reliable recycling and reprocessing services that will give our clients the ability to be environmentally responsible, profitable, and competitive in their business practices. We can help, it's what we do!
"When we have a new product or waste that we need to recycle, our first call is Mumford. The team at Mumford is eager and willing to come visit and review our site and our process to see if there are additional opportunities to increase recycling. We have made our goal of "Zero Waste" very clear to Mumford, and they are a great resource to help us reach that goal."

Automotive Component Manufacturer

"Our company was introduced to Mumford Industries in early 2008. Since that time they have handled 100% of our plastic scrap which totals over 500m lbs annually. We value them as our recycling partner and would highly recommend their services."

Plastics Extruder

"We have been doing business with Mumford for 10+ years and consider them a partner who is willing to go the extra mile. They are highly skilled and knowledgeable in the world of recycling. On several occasions they have been willing to provide education to our employees to help with the recycle waste stream. Their flexibility and willing to work with us attitude has made our recycling efforts a success."

Fortune 500 Distribution Facility